Monday, January 30, 2012


Something wasn't right. It was Sunday morning and Sadie was yelling at her daddy to open the computer room door for her. He let her in as usual, but instead of being happy about it, she sat at my desk and whined...and cried, and was miserable. Not a Sadie thing to do. Normally shes chatty with Tony, and happy and banging my keyboard. Something was wrong.

 (set up with her pink pillow and blankie)

So I picked her up to find her a snack, and she felt unusually warm. So I scoured the house and found our thermometer (hidden in the diaper bag -- why??). I took her temperature, and from the moment I put it under her arm, I knew she was sick, why you ask? Because this child will not sit still for a temperature reading. Normally I have to pin her down or hold her body with my legs while restraining her arms, but this time she sat in my lap, cried a little, then shut her eyes and was quiet.

(orange, banana, avacado, blueberry smoothie)

Yep, she was sick. She had a fever. My poor bunny. This is the second fever shes ever had, ever. So when I set up a pillow and her blanket on the couch, she knew exactly what to do, and cuddled up. We spent the day watching Arthur on PBS and drinking smoothies with blueberries and avacado in them. I even made her my special homemade chicken noodle soup. She loved it, and so did Tony. Made my day.

(fancy noodles! my homemade chicken noodle soup)

Shes still not 100% even with the fever being gone, but shes getting there. Lucas is doing well so far - I'm relieved.

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Cin said...

Poor dear. :( hope she gets better soon.

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