Tuesday, January 24, 2012

its been way too long...

Lack of posting has been due to many factors, but most if it boils down to Lucas not wanting to be held by anyone but me, and wanting to be held all the time.

So lately...

Sadie had a big red scratch that was bleeding right near her ear lobe, and it was red under that part and around the back of her ear. It looked like it was healing and then BLAMO, it was bleeding again (due to her scratching it). I worried it was a ear infection, even though no other symptoms occurred.

It was a horrible doctors visit. We got into the exam room and right away Sadie started panicing and wanting to leave the room. She whined and clung to me and then when I put her down, tried to take off down the hall. Then Lucas who was with Aunty Beth immediatly started screaming in the waiting room, so loudly that I had to call her and have her bring him in too. So there we were, sitting with 2 miserable kidlets waiting for the clinic doctor, who wasnt the happiest person either. Probably picked up on the mood right quick when entering the room of misery.

Lucky me, I got to restrain Sadie while the doctor looked in her ears. She flipped out and screamed her "IM DYING" scream. Obviously the last doctors visit traumitized her... Note to self: gonna do her shots at the health unit for now.

So after all was checked out, she ended up not having an ear infection, YAY, but has exema around her ear and on her arms. Hence the weird cream for her skin. We also stocked up vitamins cause both kids could use some. Its way too gross to play outside.

 After our most exhausting appointment, we headed home and naps were had by everyone. I love that right now they are on the same napping schedule and bedtime schedule. It means I can shower at night and then read or just get extra sleep.

I've also been working on some pictures to display on the walls. I've had these little photoclips for forever and havent used them. I'm putting some photos together to hang in the living room. It takes a while when a toddler also wants to help.

I also made scones for the first time from scratch. They were cheddar chive dill and they were awesome. Tony loved them, especially that I used his cast iron skillet to bake them in.

I'm working on a little valentines diy for you all and also something fun for the kids. Hopefully I can finish tonight or tomorrow.

Oh, and I apologize for the lack of "real" photos. I lost the camera cards and refuse to buy a new one yet. So until then, its iPhone photos :(

I hope your week is good, I'll try and blog again this week.

Oh, and PS, Lucas has now found his own "IM DYING" scream, and has started using it this morning....*sigh*

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Fiona said...

Both my boys are due for shots... I am really dreading it. Really, really. I am thankful Liam never developed an "I'm dying" scream... Benjamin found his on his second day out :(

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