Thursday, January 12, 2012

Parenting Fail - again

It seems that I just cant get it together this week. After body checking Sadie into the wall, I managed to scare the daylights out of Lucas.

It was right after we all woke up, and I had just changed Lucas' diaper and had him laying on the couch. Well, I went down on the floor to catch Sadie for her turn when I realized that my housecoat was caught on something. Not looking or thinking, I yanked the housecoat free and as it came free, it hit me...the only thing that would be on my housecoat was the baby. I turned just in time to see my little boy fall - right off the couch and land on the floor.

I was pretty horrified that I let that happen. Poor boy.

He was fine after 15 seconds of crying. Thank goodness for a low-ish couch.

Get it together Miranda...get it together.

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Nina Gonzalez said...

awh, don't be so hard on yourself! those are all learning experiences :)

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