Monday, February 20, 2012

My sewing machine is all dressed up

 I think it was right before we moved that I noticed that my machine had died. I let her sit for a while on my desk, and a few weeks ago I took her out and tried to get her going after hearing about a friends machine that magically came to life. Well, she also magically started working again! This called for a celebration, so I went through my Home Ec e-course to find something to sew. It was fitting that there was a tutorial on how to make a sewing machine cover, especially since mine gets dusty and doesnt have a cover.
So there she is, pretty in red. I totally recommend that Home Ec course for basic sewing tutorials. Its got easy tutorials for beginners, the pictures and steps are great. It gives me courage to try more complicated (to me) things. I believe that curtains are going to be next on my list of things to create. :)

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Cin said...

lol. Isn't it funny? I swear mine was never going to work again and then.. bam.. its fine.

Glad you got it going, and I love your cover for it :)

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