Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The results are in...

So, remember how I told you all that I had a mysterious bump on the back of my head? Well, the Ultrasound results came in this morning, and I've seen the doctor annnnd....

Its not a scary bump!

Praise the Lord!

I am so relieved.

So what do I have? Well, its a superficial cyst. I've had a cyst on the other side of my head before, but they've never hurt or been this big before, and they always disappeared. This guy, this big, painful evil thing has been such an annoyance.

So apparently these things can disappear on their own, they can grow, or they can rupture (EXPLODE). Gross, cyst juice in my head! (Probably shouldn't have said given you the visual on that, sorry) So I'm gonna talk to a doctor about maybe getting it removed by doing day surgery. Thankfully its stopped throbbing, and only hurts when I touch it, but its on my head, and I kind of just want it gone.

If I get it removed, it will probably mean a short hair cut or something for me. We'll have to see. 

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Cin said...

I had a cyst removed from my shoulder when I was younger. I remember how much it hurt till they sliced it open. And thats all they do really is slice it open and get all the junk out and stitch it up. So you should be ok. :)

Glad its nothing bad!

Aria said...

hope they don't have to cut/shave your hair

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