Sunday, April 01, 2012

Hello Sleep, we meet at last!

Ahhh sleep. Its finally happening. Its only been 2 years, but I'm getting 6-8 hours consecutively and I'm loving it.

Sadie only started sleeping through the night when we took away the bottle, that was nice because I was getting up with both kids every night at least 3-4 times until she was 15 months old. A couple weeks ago I realized that Lucas was too light of a sleeper, and since I quit breastfeeding, I figured he needed to learn to sleep on his own in his own room.

We shuffled our office stuff around the house so that Lucas could get his own room and we started letting him cry it out. Boy oh boy that was hard. Even after Sadie, It was so hard not to go in there and comfort him. After 3 days, he was perfect, slept like a doll, and only really wakes up around 4 or 6 am for a bottle before he goes back to sleep. I can totally deal with that.

He goes down for a nap without a fuss now, and bedtime is not a huge hassle. When we shared a room I had to quietly tip toe around to my bed, and get under the covers without rustling the feather duvet too much. Then if I moved slightly after that, he might wake up and want to eat to fall back asleep.

I love having my own room again. I can read before bed, I can watch a little tv with Tony, or just not have to worry about getting under the covers without making too much noise. Its heaven.

I'm working on making his room look pretty. I'll hopefully be hitting the thrift stores in the next couple weeks. Looking forward to that.

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Jess Judkins said...

We just started getting 7 hours of sleep and Judah recently caught at cold or has bad allergies :-( back to co-sleeping for a bit longer for us. the good thing is that he actually loves his crib now.

I Love thrifting for new things! I had to do the same and make his room semi "big boy" or at least get the huge changing table out of there :-)

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