Saturday, April 21, 2012

Outside picnic

It was too beautiful not to go outside. We packed a picnic of fruit (mostly strawberries) and trucked way too many toys outside to play.
We read stories, picked dandelions, and watched bugs. I love that we have a yard for Sadie to explore and discover things in. She really loves watching the ants on the patio and was heartbroken when I squashed an ant that made its way inside. She was crushed and I felt horrible.
 My pale children, oh they take after their mother. So happy I bought baby sunscreen yesterday. Lucas especially! Outside his hair gets so blonde too, I love it.
What are some other good activities to do with the kids outside? I'm thinking I need to get some sidewalk chalk for Sadie-pie.

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Fiona said...

Great shirt on Lucas! Liam &Ben both go bananas over blowing bubbles.

misslarissabree said...

ack I just want to eat your kids! I love them so much!

Anonymous said...

Strawberry and sunshine (with a dose of sunscreen of course) sounds like a delicious afternoon. The weather was gorgeous yesterday and I'm glad you got to enjoy it with your adorable children :)

Miranda said...

Fiona, I got the onesie from, its a startrek creeper. Sadie has one in command yellow. They have the red ones but I wont do those :)

heidi said...

we have a water table that the kids LOVE, got it for sam's 1st birthday and now ava is just getting into the fun of it. there is a hole in the middle for an umbrella to keep the kids from burning to a crisp, and even though it came with some toys, the kids enjoy using my old plastic containers to pour water with. i also find great steals on outdoor toys at garage sales. just this morning i picked up a little tyke's gas pump for $1 that sam is in love with...he's been filling up his play lawnmower and little car with gas all morning! bubbles are a great idea and once you buy the little containers once, you can easily find good soap bubble recipes online to refill them with. your yard also looks big enough to dig a little space for a garden! beans and peas are easy to plant, sprout quickly and the bonus is they can be eaten straight off the vine. carrots and lettuce are easy to grow too....or even just some flowers. sadie might have fun planting the seeds and checking on them to see how they're growing.

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