Monday, May 28, 2012

Dear Lucas - you are 9 months old

Goodness you've developed in leaps and bounds it seems. You're almost crawling, up on your hands and knees lunging forward towards forbidden bits on the floor. You love chewing up Sadie's crayons. I've found you drooling orange, and it was a tangerine crayon.

You've sprouted 2 teeth in a matter of days. One tooth appeared, and then a day later the second popped through. That was speedy fast teething my dear.

You say "dadada" and "mamama" but for the most part you are pretty quiet.

You smile the best at your daddy.

You need...NEED to be near your sister at all times. You saw her head downstairs and thrashed about in my arms until we went down to find her. You were totally content when you found her. Funny boy, you love her so much.

You are my hungry boy. You will eat almost anything. Favorite foods include sweet potatoes, chicken enchiladas, cheerios, watermelon, and homemade popsicles.

You're still my sensitive boy. You are shy, and don't like crowds. You still get clingy, but thats ok.

Lately you've been going to bed later, and we hang out on the big bed and play with toys and cuddle. You absolutely love it. Its nice to have silly time alone.

I love you little boy, I can believe how close your birthday is getting.

Obviously you weren't up for photos. Hopefully your afternoon will be better than this morning.

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Anne-Marie said...

So sweet! Aww, poor little guy! That is the look that I get from Bries usually when it's nap time.
Isn't this age such a fun time? I love it :)

Amy @ Not Your Average Baby Blog said...

Very cute! Love how he needs to be with his sister! :)

Anonymous said...

yay! our kiddos are almost the same age (well the youngest one) - I love following blogs with kiddos about the same's fun to see the similarities and differences!

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