Friday, May 25, 2012

How does your garden grow?

 Look at those babies! Those are the mystery plants in buckets. We're thinking for sure lettuces in the left one and maybe spinach in the other. Should maybe taste them to be certain though :)
 The strawberries are ripening now, and there are so many berries on my 3 little plants. I think the success to my strawberry plants this year is that I cut the runners so the plant can focus on growing this year. Next year I'll let it do its own thing. This was a wonderful tip from the guys at the greenhouse.
I've been waiting so long for my lavender to sprout. The package said germination could take a month or 2, so I faithfully watered my bucket of dirt every day, and now RESULTS! I can't wait to have pretty smelling lavender in my garden. I have plans to craft with it eventually.

I love love love my dill. I cut him down a bit, so I'm letting him grow again. Lots of water and sun for him.
 This beast keeps trying to grow in the garden. We thought it was a dead vine type thing, but oh no, its back with a vengeance, trying to reclaim my garden. Its wicked, and I though it was my beets when it sprouted, but no. No, I pull this guy out all over the place. Anyone know what he is?
 These are the 2 garden beds in the yard. The potted plants on the edge I forgot to label, but they are strawberries, lettuces, peppers and broccoli. I don't think our broccoli in the garden bed survived, but the seedlings are growing in the pots, so I'm hoping it works.
This one loves to water all the plants. I've been teaching her what she can eat and what she can't eat in terms of my herbs on the patio. She's learning that lemon thyme is a good one, and rosemary isn't fun to eat. I do hope my beets grow despite the evil vine. The vine likes where my beets are so I worry about them. We'll have to wait and see I guess.

Do any of you garden? How is it going for you?

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Jacelyn said...

Love the little buckets for your plants! Very charming. The evil beast vine looks like a morning glory, its got kind of pretty white trumpet flowers but is very invasive. Good luck!

CarleeJ said...

This is a really cute post. Especially so close to summer. I cant wait to start summer and plant some lovely little plants!

heidi said...

oh yes, that evil vine is morning glory, for sure! i actually plant it on purpose near my back fence to pretty things up a bit (the flowers can be purple/blue or white), but they can get quite invasive, especially in a wet climate. spray it with vinegar a few times over a few days and see if it dies. just don't spray your beets!! LOVE this garden :)

Miranda said...

Ohh vinegar! I'm going to try that out. it bridges the gap in my side fence nicely, but other than that, its everywhere in my neighborhood :(

Fiona said...

We had an evil morning glory at our old house, it was a nightmare. No matter how much cutting & pulling up roots we did, it kept coming back. I'm sure it wont be a huge deal if you don't let it out of control, like the previous tenants at our house did.
A few weeks ago, Liam was sent home from Sunday school with a mystery plant, it started growing and I thought it was a bean at first. Last week I asked the teacher and she said it was morning glory. I'm going to throw it away and plant Liam a bean instead, it tried to strangle my aloe plant.

leyla said...

I have a lavender plant for the first time. I'm not really sure what to do with t though....I hope you'll share your crafts!

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