Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Surprise! We get a trampoline...yay?

So I'll just start from the beginning. Sadie's birthday was about a week or so away. Tony's dad called to find out the details as their invite was lost. He gave his dad all the info, and then on the phone I heard "um, I'll have to talk to Miranda about that and then call you later". So, what was that about? Well, Tony's dad had an old trampoline in their garage/storage place and wanted to know if we wanted it. So Tony and I talked briefly about it, but never decided anything.

During Sadie's birthday party, we're all having a blast talking, watching the kids, and then while I'm talking to someone (or doing something, it was all really a blur), my friend was like, "Hey, you need to see this". I'm thinking it was something cute going on outside, and so I look in the back yard to see my brother in law heaving huge metal parts of trampoline into my yard.

Um, what?

So then I see the rest of his family start setting up this huge behemoth of a trampoline in my yard. I wasn't exactly picturing a trampoline like this. I was thinking a small round tramp, not a huge square beast of a thing. Apparently when Tony and his siblings were younger, they moved into a place where the previous tenant left the trampoline. It has a new mat thing or whatever, but its an old thing.

They got it set up, and Tony took me aside and told me he had no idea this would happen. So now we have a trampoline in our yard.

I am undecided about if I like it or not. I've only used it once. Sadie likes it, but I'm worried about her actually jumping on it, so she just sits and has someone else bounce it for her.

So, ya.... we'll see how this goes...

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heidi said...

could be a good form of exercise? still, when i see those things, i immediately think of broken bones :(

Miranda said...

That's all I could think of too.

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