Friday, July 06, 2012

Beat the Heat - Peach Mango Summer Smoothie

We've been drinking smoothies a lot lately. The kids love them, and its one way I know Sadie is ingesting good for you foods. One of the best ways to get it nice and cold is to either add ice or frozen cubes of yogurt. I froze a bunch in an ice cube tray and they make things nice and cold without watering it down.

To make our Peach Mango Summer Smoothies, all you need is a couple peaches pitted and cut into chunks, a few chunks of mango, then I add orange juice, frozen yogurt cubes and away we go.

Blenderize it to death. I don't mind peach peels in my smoothie, but you can peel them if you want to.

Sometimes if I'm desperate to make a healthy one for Sadie, I throw in spinach. She is none the wiser.

Smoothies are my best friend this summer.

If you have tips or tricks to beating the heat, email me at justaddmoresprinkes[at]gmail and I'll see what I can do about posting it up here on the blog. :)

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Nicole said...

Yumm :) I used to freeze ensure in ice cubes and use that in my smoothies. That would be a way to make sure Sadie's getting healthy stuff, but I don't know if kids can have that... There's pediasure! I need to get a blender again!

Cin said...

mmm smoothies. Good idea on the yogurt cubes! Just regular yogurt?

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