Tuesday, June 26, 2012

a whole lot of nothing

I had planned some blog stuff and then last night didn't turn out well. Lucas refused to sleep on his own in his bed. He let out screams that sounded like a cougar. He fell asleep in my arms at 11pm, and then woke up at 3 screaming again. I patted, walked, bounced, fed him, snuggled him, all while he cried. Finally after 40 minutes, I gave up and let him cry himself to sleep. That took an hour.

He's got a bunch more teeth coming through, his top front one and a side one on the bottom. Hopefully this little shark of mine has a better sleep tonight.

For now, I leave you with probably the only few things I accomplished today; some sketches and a bunch of cut flowers.

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Renee said...

Love your top sketch! Your girls just beautiful! Lachy's suddenly decided that sleep isn't an essential whilst teething too. I hate teething!!!

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