Friday, June 22, 2012

How does your garden grow

 We've had  a couple sunny days, and my plants loved it. Lavender is growing nicely.
 This mint plant is growing like crazy. Sadie loves walking past and grabbing a leaf to munch on. Its the one plant she's allowed to do that too, as I believe mint grows like a weed.
 Every week or so one of our berries gets ripe enough to eat. I've managed to sneak one before Sadie noticed that it was gone. I found a green berry still on the plant with Sadie teeth marks in it. Ew.
 This is my huge patio tomato plant. He's got a bunch of blossoms. I'm excited for little tomatoes.
This is Beth's sad tomato. He was in a pot that was just way too small, so I lent her one of mine. I think he's perked up a bit, although I'll probably find some plant food or something for him.
 I keep cutting my oregano, and he keeps coming back. I love having oregano around. The basil, oh sweet basil, I love you. Haven't harvested him yet, but soon. He's getting so nice a big now.  I'm thinking I'll need to plant some more soon.
 Hello precious beets. I look forward to harvesting you when you're ready. These are my favorite plants in the garden beds. They sometimes get preferential treatment from me. Spoiled beets.
 Carrots! I can't wait for Sadie to pick them. She'll love it. I remember picking tiny carrots and they tasted like the best carrots in the world when they were fresh out of the ground.
 Cucumbers. Notice, I need to weed the garden beds. Shame on me. My poor plants.
Also forgot my dill. I cut a bunch of him down the other day for borscht, but he's not happy looking. Might have cut too much. Oops.

The spinach, lettuces and cabbage are not shown, but they are also getting bigger. I will get more pics of them later. The other bed of lettuces did not turn out, I think mostly due to my lack of gardening knowledge. I think I weeded the seedlings and now I have a bed of weeds. Go me! If at first you don't succeed...

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