Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Beach day

We woke up today and noticed that today was supposed to be the only nice day for the rest of the week. I got everyone fed breakfast and dressed and when I saw Beth this morning, we both figured we'd pack up the kids and everything and have a beach adventure. Its a shame we don't get out there more often, we live about 30 minutes away. I haven't been to White Rock beach in at least 10 years myself.

 So, each one of us lugged a child and many bags of necessary supplies down the tracks to the pier. Too bad we didn't figure out we could have parked closer. Oh well, lesson learned. As we were walking, we heard the train coming. Now, these tracks are only 5-6 feet away from the walkway, pretty close, so when I saw it coming, Sadie and I held hands while Lucas sat comfortably in his sling.
The train was approaching, and Sadie was watching intently. All of a sudden it seemed, it blew past us and tooted its horn. Well, that sent Sadie into a fit of terror and tears. Poor gal went from holding my hand to clinging to me like velcro. In hindsight, I should have been closer to her, or holding her. Waiving at the train did nothing to help her. Once it passed, she was a little better, but had Beth hold her the rest of the way.
 We set up camp on the sand. It was low tide, so perfect for exploring. Sadie beelined it for the tidal pools, and as you can see, she is wearing I think 3 different outfits in these photos. That's because she fell in, not 2 minutes after arriving.

 Lucas, who still refuses to crawl like a normal child, slithered across the sand, not wanting to stay on the blankets. So needless to say, he brought home 5 lbs of sand.
I showed Sadie how to collect shells, and she had a blast picking up pretty sea shells. She was not attached to them at all, and would randomly dump them out along the way.

Lucas ended up eating a lot of sand, and then getting really tired, really fast. So much sun. He ended up with me in the sling. He loves being carried.
After 2 hours, everyone got grouchy, so we packed up and headed out. Within 5 minutes, the children were zonked. It made the ride home so nice and peaceful. Lucas is having a nap again. Little guy is pooped.

We'll do it again, hopefully this summer whenever the summer weather arrives.

What a wonderfully busy day, I'd love for there to be more of them.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for "sharing" a day at the beach! Miranda, you're such a great Mommy and you have such beautiful kids....I soo enjoy being a part of the trip.....Love you bunches!!!Auntie Dar

Anonymous said...

I love how you let the kiddos just play and get dirty - it's good for em! loving your blog :)

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