Monday, June 18, 2012

My first embroidery projects

 For the longest time I've been wanting to try embroidery. I see people buying vintage embroidery from thrift stores and I get jealous. I'm still keeping my eyes open, but for now I'm creating my own. The first one I did was the T+M one. It was supposed to look like a cut piece of wood, but I didn't draw on the pattern and just free-handed it. Yeah.... I know now that drawing out the pattern makes it look so much better.
Thanks to the Wild Olive Blog, I learned a bunch of the basics. I can now successfully do a french knot, and the running back stitch and the running stitch. There's a bunch more I'm sure, and I will get to those eventually. I'm so stoked to find something new that I love. The bunny is for Sadie's room, and I'm creating a pattern for Lucas' robot one.

I won't delve into crewel embroidery just yet. That stuff be crazy.

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Sara Stoff said...

I love them both!!

Amy @ Not Your Average Baby Blog said...

Those are super cute!!

Anonymous said... is a really good website I have bookmarked for embroidery as well.
I love your bunny. You used to have cute mugs in your etsy if I recall. :)


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