Monday, August 13, 2012

Getting into the swing of things

 I'm slowly slowly getting back to this blog. Still been pretty busy, but trying to take time and enjoy the weather and yard before fall hits with its ugly rain. We visited Tony's mom in the hospital a week ago and while visiting, Sadie fell and scraped her knee pretty bad. Poor girl sat in Tony's lap and kept crying KNEEEEEEE over and over. We didn't have a band-aid on hand, and so a wet cloth helped soothe her until we got home. Curious George helps make all owies better.  Its been a while since the scrape, but she still points to her knee and says KNEEEEE sometimes. Shes just reliving the
 My little baby is almost 1. One week a a bit to go before his birthday. No, I haven't gotten my stuff together for it, but there is a theme and its an under the sea theme. I've got Swedish fish stock piled and gummy sharks, but thats it.
We've been trying to paint and draw more.
 Sadie loves painting, but Lucas loves it just as much and bothers my budding artist. So We will wait for when he has his second nap for painting time. I should really buy finger paints for both of them. He loved it last time I had some.

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amyschmamey said...

Awe. Her poor knee. And wow! 1 year! I'm just going to have to stop being so surprised at how quickly time goes by.

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