Friday, September 28, 2012

they're growing up so fast

They had a fabulous time together. Who knew that all the screaming and fighting would stop when the forbidden cupboard opens its doors and out comes all my tupperwear and plastic spills out on the floor.

They were so good together for the time needed to throw together dinner.

My babies are growing up so fast.

I have to keep reminding myself that they are only this age for so long, and that it goes by so fast. Rememebering Sadie at that age, I kind of get all teary. Its gone by in such a blur.

Gah, I'm an emotional mess. I'm slowing down, taking time to enjoy their baby curls, chubby thighs, and high pitched squeals.

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Grandma J. said...

Blessings on your family Miranda - it is so encouraging to see you loving on your precious little ones. You are a fantastic mama.

Anonymous said...

It does go fast, and you are doing a great job. They are too cute. :) ~S

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