Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Leaf Collecting

 Its fall! We finally had a nice sunny non rainy day out. We enjoyed all the damp leaves and toys outside.
 Look MAMA!
  Lucas wore some old snow pants of Sadie's so he could crawl on the grass and stay relatively dry. Sadie had a blast taking her puppy into the yard. She *almost* forgot him on the grass, but ran all teary to grab him after I reminded her. No dogs left behind.
Every time we go for a walk in the stroller, Sadie always exclaims LEEEE for leaf. She requires we grab at least 1 before we head inside. She'll show anyone who will give her time of day her leaves.

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Nicole said...

Love their hats!! Did you make them!? Do you have a pattern!? I'd love to make one for Liam! Also leaf collecting is the best!

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