Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Jealous Hulkanator!

Today I learned a couple new things about my 1 year old son.

First new thing: My son is the Hulk

The kids and I were out with the stroller. I had a prescription to get filled and so we went for a walk to the local shoppers. Sadie walked along side me, re organizing the shelves how she liked them, oh that girl. Anyways, so afterwards, we headed off to the clinic to see the doctor, and while we were waiting, the kids were playing the play area. Ugh, I hate the play area. Breeding ground of filth and disease, but if its me against 2 children, I wont win that battle. They started fighting over some lonely key chain that was in the play area. To break up the fight, I hid the key chain behind my back and offered snacks. They hadn't eaten in a while, and now that I had offered a snack, Lucas realized he was STARVING! They each got a soft toddler cookie filled with some sort of fruit jam. So I had Lucas on my lap and Sadie sitting beside me with their cookies. Lucas grabbed his cookie with his little shaking hands, like it was long lost treasure, and as it got closer to his mouth, he gripped it harder, and harder, and then he tried to bite the crumbled jammy cookie mess and realized he had nothing to bite into. He shook his mush filled hands and let out the loudest scream EVER! Pure rage! (I swear, if he could, he would turn green and burst out of his clothes) I could feel a dozen eyes all zoom in onto the situation. There was my boy, the Hulk, screaming over mushed cookie, shaking and thrashing in my now cookie covered arms. He was so mad, so angry that he had to scream at me again while I'm quickly trying to clean up cookie jam bits. Then, frantically, I opened another cookie, and after a few short shrieks, he realized it was best for both of us if I just held his cookie while he took huge hungry bites.

So, keep in mind that if you have a hulk like child like mine, just don't buy soft cookies, give them the hard puck like ones that they can't crush in their bare little hands. 

Second new thing: I have a jealous little boy

It never connected with me how jealous Lucas is with his mama until last night. We were in the kitchen cleaning up after dinner. Kids are playing on the floor. I went and gave Tony a hug, and all of a sudden, I hear screaming. Turn and look, and there he his, sitting on the floor with huge angry eyes screaming at me. I asked my husband what happened, and he said nothing, Sadie wasn't near him. Hugged again, and the kid is beside himself with rage (yes he has anger issues at 1 year old). So Tony realizes Lucas is jealous of him.

This makes sense to my mother as well because she had the kids for the weekend, and the entire time, Lucas was as good as gold, but as soon as I came home to pick them up, he plows through any obstacles, be it toys or humans, and climbs on my lap. He then tries to bully Sadie away so he is the closest one beside me.

Yep, my boy is jealous of any other human being that gets near his mama. Although its really sweet to me, its not sweet for anyone else close to me. So we will be working on that. Tony and I have made it a point to hug more in front of him, but also include him in on the hugs. He hated our first couple group hugs, but he's getting better.

It makes me think of how cool it is that they have such unique personalities. They are so funny.

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