Monday, October 29, 2012

My little baker

 I seriously need to sew her an apron. Recently she's been a lot more curious about what I'm making for dinner or lunch, so she shouts PULL PULL and grabs my desk chair and hauls it over to where I'm at. Today she helped me make apple spice cupcakes (very delicious and moist). She poured and scooped dry ingredients, whisked them together, and every once and a while, she blew the dry ingredients to make a flour cloud. Her face had a light dusting of flour and spices on it, and she kept trying to lick the batter when I was ready to be scooped.

She's very good at putting cupcake liners in the tin, and loves it when I turn on the oven light so she can see her creations.

She's my little sous chef, and I hope she continues to love helping me in the kitchen. I have hope that it will help her out of the picky eater phase.

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Cherie said...

Awe that is so precious!

Anonymous said...

I love those little baby curls. ~S

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