Tuesday, December 11, 2012

play dates and meeting new people

We had our first play date. There was grilled cheese sandwiches, toys, and lots of screaming and shrieking. They had a blast. We even gave our new friends a load of Christmas cookies as one of our ways to spread Christmas cheer. I'm starting small here folks. Tomorrow, we are meeting someone for Starbucks at the mall (someone new I met at the Starbucks near our house), and I wanna get there early so that we can buy someone a coffee as our next thing.

This whole meeting new people is so scary for me. Its hard for me to break out of my introverted shell. I can do it though. Little steps. I usually tend to chicken out, or am relieved when the other person has. Its bad though. As an adult, making friends is so much more harder than when you were a kid. I remember going up to girls in my class and just flat out asking "will you be my friend?" It always went well. You really can't go up to someone and do that now. Sucks, cause now I gotta work harder at it, but working harder can pay off. So, hopefully my awkward voicemails or text messages dont scare the ladies off.

I'm coming for you! I'm bring treats and toting the children along with me. 

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Cherie said...

I totally know what you mean! I am an outgoing person and I thought moving to Calgary would be easy and we would meet people fast... but no way! It is soo hard as an adult to start new friendships!

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