Wednesday, December 19, 2012

snow day

 It was really awesome that I caught both kids reading this morning by themselves. Lucas still loves books with babies on them, and Sadie loves his animal book. She was reading under one of my tablecloths that I had set aside to be put away.
 I noticed that my sewing machine started skipping stitches, and google told me my needle is dull. Crap. There goes any more sewing crafts until I can change the needle. Poop.
 We went out for our first snow day today. I was determined to catch it while it was still snowing and not hailing or raining like yesterday. Right after they scarfed down breakfast, we got dressed. Takes a half an hour to get them ready for 15 minutes outside. Sadie loved it.

 Lucas on the other hand fell down a lot and whined. His coat seemed to make him lose his balance. After a while, he gave up and sat in the snow and touched it. Maybe he'll do better tomorrow if its not all slush.
Snow days would be great if I had finished my christmas shopping, but no, I figured we wouldn't get snow so soon and that we'd have time to take the bus down to the mall. BAHHHHH!! My stroller is now snow proof, and we're going to have to wait until the weekend. Not what I wanted. I hate leaving stuff until the last minute. Tony is rubbing off on me.

Snow days are good for baking muffins, cleaning the house, and catching up on laundry/tv. 

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