Thursday, January 10, 2013

finally got around to Christmas

//Lucas with his new sock monkey // Jesus in his new digs // Tea advent calendar -loved it // Homemade treats for presents //  PULL PULL she yells // Tony battling the evil packaging // My new Kobo Arc // Stockings hung by the chimney with care // Christmas party dress // Watching the snow // Being my helper // Huge gorgeous snowflake tree //

This year, Christmas was so good. I haven't felt this way about Christmas in a long time. Last years was hard, way too stressful, and I didn't enjoy it as much. This year I wanted to ensure that we all had as good a Christmas as possible.

I loved getting ready for Christmas by doing little things for others. It really brightened my mood, and helped me put things into perspective. I loved it that Sadie was old enough to understand things like the advent calendar, and read the Christmas story with me. I loved it (although it drove me nuts) that they would touch the ornaments and redecorate the bottom third of my tree. They actually played with their nativity scene this year - I still can't find the wise men, they must be in Sadie's room.

Tony and I did our gifts differently this year. Instead of buying something and wrapping it and surprising eachother, we went out on the 22 of december and bought our gifts together. Tony got a new mechanical keyboard and a mouse, and I got a Kobo. We're both super happy, and didn't mind at all about not being surprised. I'm totally doing this next year! The kids got surprised, although Lucas was not really interested in gifts at all. Sadie took over for him and helped.

We still went to three different christmas dinners, one of those things that comes with divorced in-laws. It was a very busy week. I made dinner for my mother in law and her family. I left a lot of stuff last minute, and shouldn't have. I'm a bad procrastinator :( At one point the night before the big dinner, Tony looked at me and pointed me towards the tub. Bubble baths are a wonderful thing.

The kids were so spoiled this year. There's a new little table and chairs in my kitchen, and a bunch more things. Not a lot of toys, I'm so relieved. We were getting swamped with toys the last few years. Its hard not to buy new toys for them, and I ended up buying a couple new things for them.  Such a good Christmas.

I'm so thankful that I really enjoyed Christmas. I hope next year is even better.

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