Thursday, February 21, 2013


Watching: Top Chef. Just finished part one of the finale, and so far I've loved this season. I think the Las Vegas season was also one of my favorites. I'm also watching Project Runway, and at first I was not sold on the teams idea, but I'm loving it now. I was really sad about Michael Kors leaving. He was a Project Runway icon, and his replacement is not the same. I havent bothered to learns his replacements name yet because I'm just too sad. 

Thinking about:  How to make Lucas stop screaming. He was doing really well for a few weeks, minimal outbursts, and then the last 2 days hes been screaming at everything. Anything can set him off. Today I've figured that its probably teeth coming in. He's been playing with his spit, and its gross, but its either that or screaming, so I'll take spitting bubbles for now. Tylenol has seemed to tame him a little. 

Reading: Finished The Silver Linings Playbook. It made me cry. It was a quick read for me, took only a couple days. Totally had me hooked. Its a story about a guy who's just gotten out of a mental institution and is living back with his parents. He lost everything, but remains positive he can reconnect with his wife. I loved the perspective of the book, how it was told from the eyes of a possible bi-polar guy. We're also reading Pete the Cat books with Sadie and Lucas. She absolutely loves them. She even tries to read along with me. She sings the songs in the book, and yells POP when his buttons pop off. 

Looking forward to: Seeing the movie for the silver linings play book, and my birthday present. The movie we'll watch on the weekend I hope. So, now on to my birthday present! This year I told Tony that I wanted a pasta roller attachment for my Kitchenaid mixer. I even found it on sale. This year my present idea excited him. Back when we were first married, we'd watch old episodes of Iron Chef. The ones where they were in Japan and it was the Japanese chefs making things like fish roe ice cream. Later on, we'd watch the american episodes where they'd make fresh pasta and we'd always sigh and wish we could make it too. Well, now both of us get to experiment. Other pro to this is that he didn't have to go to the mall to the "potent smelling" Lush store to buy me bath bombs and other miscellaneous things. 

Making me happy:  an upcoming trip to an antiques store. I saw pictures of what was inside and I squealed. There were walls of pyrex. I wanted to see if there was a loaf pyrex in my pattern - blue butterprint. I've never been to a real antiques place before. I've got a list of things to look for, and hopefully I'll find some pretty things. 

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Anonymous said...

sorry, went on and on about dishes under my husbands account. I'm sure he would love that. :) Anyway... high five dishes!! (and all the other fun stuff LOL) ~S

heidi said...

thanks for the book recommendation, i've been dying for something good to dive into!

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