Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day

 At breakfast, we opened cards from Nana and Papa, and mama and daddy.

Lucas destroyed the card I made him. Things taped on should not be on to begin with.

Lucas could not get over the puppy card. He calls them BOO-EH. Not sure why. He cried huge tears when I tried to display it on the mantle. Kid knows that its his. 

After their nap, there were treats waiting for them. I found the mail boxes 2 days ago at superstore. I've been dying to have these for valentines day. The felt envelopes were from last year

They opened things furiously, and scarfed down all the chocolate.

New socks, crayons and felt food to be had by all. Lucas stole some of Sadie's smarties while she played with her crayons. I had extras though. Such a good Valentines day. Fancy dinner is planned for later, after the sugar wears off. 

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