Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Baking Day - Valentines Day Sugar Cookie Bars

 I do valentines day big around here. I mean, its something that we grew up with as being very special. I'm pretty sure other kids didn't get a plate of candy after school as well as a card.

Someone was licking his fingers and eating most of the sprinkles instead of decorating
 So I figured the kids would love decorating some sugar cookies or cupcakes. Then after wavering back and forth, I picked sugar cookie bars. Piece of cake to make, and delicious! Pinterest WIN! I've actually found a few Pinterest recipes that haven't failed, and I post them here if you're interested.

 They decorated, and as you can see. 

They sampled.

 They turned red. 

They were hyped up on sugar, and they loved it all.

Tomorrow they get to wake up and have valentines day treats ready for them after their naps. I'm so excited.

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Cherie said...

Aww their red/pink faces are adorable! Valentines was always special for us too, my mom always had a Purdy's heart sucker waiting for us at breakfast. Even when I lived in scotland it would show up in the mail! And yesterday I got my gift card for Purdy's from her:) It's not just about romance, but love between families!

Ashlee said...

I love reading about Pinterest recipes gone right (mostly because a few of my pinterest recipes have gone wrong). Thanks for sharing! Hope you guys have a happy Valentine's Day! ;)

Marie said...

Waaaaaay too much fun!

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