Friday, February 08, 2013

hard day

Today was a very bad day. It didn't start off right either. Lately my 17 month old child had taken a fancy to waking up growling in his sleep at 6 am. Yes, growling loudly. I stagger over in a half blind state and find him without covers or his pants, curled in a ball in his bed. He's not awake, hes just mad. Mad at the world for being cold. I feel like I'm partially to blame as I didn't get around to buying a sleep sack for him so this wouldn't happen.

I tuck him in as quietly as possible, and tiptoe out of the room, but the click of the door sets off his alarms, and he stands up to scream after me. PLEASE MAMA DONT LEAVE ME! So I head back in and sit in the chair with him until hes asleep again.

I get back into my bed, and somehow Tony has figured out that the bed his entirely his and is in the middle with his arm on my pillow. More growling ensues  and he is forced to roll over to his end. He remembers nothing. I try and sleep again. Nope. Read twitter. Finally its 7:45 and its time to be awake

Our morning was pretty uneventful. We watched Curious George, they picked at their breakfast. Unusual, but they were both getting over being sick. Beth and I decided to head to costco for a few things. Short trip. The short nightmare trip.

They behaved in the cart beside each other which doesn't always happen. We were taking our time, and then came the sample ladies. I suppose that was why he started acting out. I gave him my sample of a waffle. MOOOORRR! No buddy, not yet, wait a bit. MOOOORRRR!!!!!!!! MOOOOORRRR!!!!!! Beth by that time found another sample, and he was content to stuff his face full of muffin. Oh look a sample table of tea. I have a thing for tea. Its my preferred beverage right now. The kids also love tea, and drink it with me. So I went over and got a tiny cup of some orange tea. Buddy flew into hysterics because I was simply holding the tea and not handing him my scalding hot beverage. Panic, tears and then the screaming. Oh the screaming. He made sure all of costco could hear him scream. First it was TEEAAAAAA!! Then it was just shrieks. My son, he is by far the shriekiest child yet. I'm blowing on tea, trying to calm him down, with no such luck. I'm sure I'm getting a million evil stares as we are parked trying to keep calm. I hissed into his ear to stop crying, I flicked him (secret punishment that might work, but doesn't , I hug him, and all the while I'm just praying this damn tea gets cool. After hysterics from my child, the lady at the tea table came over with a cup of ice. Dumped it all in the tea. Lucas hiccups, and sucks back all the tea. When hes done, I hear MOOORRRR???? OMG HEADSMASH No buddy, no more tea. He's ok with this as Beth has handed him a sample muffin. Thank you costco for your samples of everything today. I guess it was like his second breakfast.

We escaped shortly after the tea incident, (but not after Lucas ate the majority of my hotdog) and the kids had a nap.

He woke up first, earlier than normal. He was suuuupper crabby. Wanted to watch TV. As I turned it on, we were waiting for the PS3 to load. Being impatient, he screamed and started running. He ran his tired self into the side of the couch, hitting his face on the wooden detailing. His eyelid  was puffy and turned red immediately.

So now he's crabby and has a black eye and is apparently starving. He sat with me and we watched tv and then made pizza toast for him and Sadie.

Its gotten a bit better this afternoon. My pants-less wonder has tried tucking me in several times. He tucks my head under his blanket. It hurts because hes not a gentle creature, but it was still cute.

We danced in the kitchen until he got so excited he buried his head into my shoulder and bit me. Sometimes he gets excited and bites anything he can. He's teething maybe. I cant tell for sure anymore.

So it was hard, and then the end was kinda cute in a warped way. I really hope tomorrow is better though.

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Nicole said...

I feel for you! Liam is screamy and likes to throw fits.. Happened yesterday in Ikea when we made him stay in the cart! He also bites when he gets excited! Strange boys!

Jane said...

Oh goodness, I admire all you mothers. I'm sure tomorrow will be better!

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