Sunday, February 03, 2013

Stickygram magnets and little chairs

These little chairs have not really been used for sitting, they've been stepping stools to reach things that are not supposed to be reached. Lucas has been getting into the dishes in the sink, touching my computer and desk stuff, and now they are playing magnets and things on the fridge. We had stickygram magnets printed, and they love seeing themselves on the fridge. If you want, I've got a $2 off code for your first order, use this: FRIEND01ZH  in your checkout, and save $2.

The kids loved standing and playing. The day after Sadie got mad at him and pushed him off his chair. Now the chairs sit in Lucas' room stored where they can't get them. She did apologize. She's getting much better at that. Before it was such a struggle to have her say sorry, and give him a hug or kiss. Now shes right there hugging and signing sorry. Lately they love hugging eachother. I've seen them just randomly hug until they fall over. My heart bursts when I see them do that.

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Cherie said...

oh my goodness! So cute! Siblings... so infuriating and precious all at the same time!

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