Wednesday, January 16, 2013

We were away for a while, but we're back now

 We had unexpected snow a few days ago, so we made the most of it one day after their nap.
 Sadie was so excited to play outside. She kept yelling NOOOOOOO for snow. Although she is wearing mittens, she could not figure out how to get thumbs into the thumb hole. She still had a blast. Right away she threw herself down and made a snow angel.
 I forgot to mention that in the first week of January, our little family drove with my mom and dad to Lethbridge Alberta to visit my grandparents. Oh my goodness, I was so stressed out over taking the children on a 2 day road trip. The longest either has been in the car is only around 2 hours, and usually the littlest freaks out 15 minutes before we get to our destination. Lucky for us we took lots of breaks. Which is also good cause we were traveling with Sadie, who needs to pee at the drop of a hat.
 The road trip there was great, perfect weather on the way there. We got beautiful pictures of the mountains, and the kids had a great time. Lucas only freaked out a bit because of the pressure on his ears in the mountain passes.

Visiting was nice, I haven't seen my Alberta relatives in years, and they've never met the kids. It was a short quick trip, and thats ok.
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