Monday, March 25, 2013

Gardening, and loving worms

We were out getting the garden ready the other day. Well, by getting it ready, I mean, I let the kids dig around in it and then the next day we weeded it. Digging in the dirt is like one of their favorite activities. They'll dig anything from gardens, to mole hills. Give them dirt and a shovel and they're happy.

He was hysterical when beth did big jumps on the trampoline. 

 I forgot to add that I showed them worms. We talked about worms and that they live in the garden. They got to hold some, and loved them. Lucas loved them too hard and I found pieces of worm in his hands. So gross. I can pick up a whole worm, but not pieces of one. After shrieking, I tried to teach him how to wipe his hands on the grass. That didn't work out, so he wiped them on his clothes. ewwwwww worm guts.

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Laura Menagh said...

how is it that your babies look so much like Aria?

heidi said...

haha, i was just going to say how much i think sadie looks like aria when i saw the previous comment. its crazy, though!

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