Tuesday, March 05, 2013

New project: patchwork quilt

So, for the past few months, I've been slowly working on making my first small quilt. I've been collecting vintage sheets and such and cutting and sewing them all together. The big pieces are done, and now I need to sew them together. There's just this one tiny thing....

So utterly frustrated at this sucker. I've pinned, ironed, adjusted the tension, tried new needles, cleaned my dusty machine, and still it bunches. I then threw it in a heap on the floor as punishment and went to watch some stupid tv while I calmed down.

In my last ditch effort, I bought basting spray to spray glue the pieces together temporarily. I'm also going to borrow my Mother-in-laws sewing machine, hers is a more expensive one, and it better do the trick.

The quilt will wait though, as we are headed off to Alberta for another quick trip. My grandma passed away a few days ago, so away we go.

Oh, I also made some cute felt food. Mostly strawberries and cookies for Sadie. I really liked making the berries though.

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Grandma J. said...

So sorry about your grandma and how the family will miss her, but happy for her. Have a safe trip. I had HUGE problems with my cheap sewing machine and Never Getting the Tension Right - until I got my sister's machine for free! I cannot believe how enjoyable sewing is now, without the thread tearing every minute or so.

Anonymous said...

have you tried a walking foot? ~S
Love the floral sheet- cant wait to see all the colors. You and I could never go thrifting together. I wouldn't be able to share. :O)

heidi said...

oh that food looks amazing! you should totally sell it in your etsy shop :)

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