Monday, June 17, 2013

Quilts! Now with awesome sauce!

So, last time I talked about quilts, I was working on Sadie's quilt, and having great difficulty doing it. Well, obviously I'm past it, its finished. I learned a lot about what to do and what not to do. Watching youtube tutorials was very helpful after the fact on that one.

I was pretty impatient with myself in that with Lucas' quilt, I ran out of fabric for the backing, so I "improvised" and its pretty hideous. Its ok though. Eventually I'll make him a new blanket. His was the first half square triangle quilt. Its wonky, but I like the overall design.

This is the third quilt. Its a queen. She was a beast. She's a scrappy quilt, and hand tied instead of quilted. Hand tying was more fun to me than the stress that is trying to cram a queen sized quilt through my machine. White sheeting and scraps of all my vintage sheets went into this one.

The fourth one is one for Tony's friend/co worker's new baby. He had a new baby girl and we went over to visit. I had to bring a gift and had an extra quilt batting lying around. Put it to good use and did a really easy stripy quilt for her. I love that pink floral vintage sheet. Its my favourite fabric. I need to find more of it.

It was nice to do a girly easy blanket.

Currently I'm working on a present for my littlest sister Mikaela. Chevron grey and light pink queen sized quilt. Hoping to get it done before her birthday. Not sure if that will happen. My back was pretty sore after rushing through this last one, and after roughhousing last night, I tweaked my neck and it feels like a pinched nerve.
Stupid nerves.
Stupid neck.
Wine did not solve my problems either. So, I gotta take a break and recover before powering through Mikaela's blanket.

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