Thursday, August 01, 2013

Our trip to Berlin

 This was my excited nervous photo of us before we got some lunch. I was terrified of the thought that I was going to be flying. It was right as we stepped into the airport. I was so uptight I just wanted to get through security and be done with it. Luckily, security was a breeze, and we had a lot of time to think about my impending doom...ahem, I mean, fancy flight to Europe.

Blurrrry.....We had quick lunch at the airport, and then met up with Tony's coworker for drinks before the flight. That was nice. Took the edge off a bit. The first flight was the big long one, 9 hours or something fierce like that. Lufthansa was our airline, and they were very good. I have nothing to compare them to, but it was really nice. I should have taken a gravol and slept, but no, I was up the entire time. It makes for wicked awesome jet lag afterwards.  BTW Tony's poster tube did not have to be checked thankfully. It just fits the overhead compartment :)

We took another shorter flight to frankfurt. It was easier for me, knowing what to expect. Our seats weren't together for this one, but I read my book and shut my eyes on the takeoff. I hate takeoffs. They are like the first hill on the roller coaster. Never will I open my eyes.

We arrived! This was our hotel at Alexanderplatz. Its pretty much the centre of the city. Conveniently near all types of transit and food, and even a few touristy things. We got in around 2:30pm, did our best to stay awake, and going out for dinner helped. We ended up wandering around and found a nice brewery by the river.

I ordered the bratwurst, sauerkraut and potato salad. It was one of my favourite meals. Lacking in veggies though, and that happened a lot on this trip.

Tony had the sausage salad. It was good, but to me sausage salad sounded weird.

Tony's coworker Shaun had the pork shank, or pork knuckle. Also, strange sounding but delicious. They also had beer, and I had coke. I'm just not into beer people. I did taste it while out there though, so there's that.

So after dinner, we dragged our tired bodies back to the hotel and fell asleep promptly by 8pm. We were both awake at 3am ready to go. Jet lag is quite something. Thankfully we had expensive internet to browse and german tv to fall back asleep to.

Another batch of pictures to come. Next time there'll be ones of what I got to see while wandering Berlin.

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Skibbe said...

Super exciting! Can't wait to read more!

Shannon said...

yay! Every time I travel, I am always quite sure I will never make it home. Very irrational.

I want more pictures!

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