Saturday, August 17, 2013

Sight seeing! Berlin Part 2

The Berliner Dom. The first church built was in 1465, and then was replaced a couple times, before settling with this one in 1894. It wasn't too far away from us, it was a nice walk. Such a beautiful church.

On my way back from the Berliner Dom, I saw circus folk handing out leaflets on their new shows. Very cool.

 Neptunbrunnen! Famous fountain of Neptune near our hotel next to St. Mary's church. The four ladies holding it up represent the four main rivers or Prussia.

The Red City Hall. It was surrounded by construction, which made me so sad, as its such an interesting building.  It was built in 1869, damaged heavily in WWII, then rebuilt between 1951-56. They now use it for the Senate. The construction surrounding it looked like and smelled like sewage that was put on pipes above ground. We found out later that it wasn't sewage, it was marsh water. Apparently Berlin is built on a marsh, so when they do any new construction, they have to suck water out from the ground first.

I'll have more pictures to come. My computer has been wonky and I have lacked patience to wrestle with it.

So the first official day I was in Berlin, I walked a LOT. It was hot, like 28 degrees. I stuck around the area near the hotel a bit. Tony and I didn't have cell phones, so I'd check back at the hotel around noon to see how he was doing over gmail chat. At our hotel there was bungee jumping, so I'd turn on German tv and listen to the screams of people jumping off the roof. In the evening Tony would return and we'd head out for dinner. Not sure if I have dinner pics from every one, but I've got a few.

Lately I've been distracted by other projects, so I've been slow on these blog posts. I've been meaning to make a headboard and 2 quilts, and other tiny projects. The list never ends. Second quilt is for me, its going to be one that will be quite dear to me as I incorporated materials that were my Grandmas. I'm making it a large queen sized quilt. My first queen sized quilt was too small for my bed. Our bed has a big pillow top mattress. Stupid mattress.

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