Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Its fall! Finally! Bring out the soups and stews and all things delicious that are baked in an oven.

I wish there were more thunder storms. We've had one really nice long one, and it was fantastic.

We've been baking bread and all things yeasty, and its been a delicious journey. I am no longer afraid of yeast recipes.

We've been reading a ton, even Lucas. The library is our friend.

I've been drinking through my tea collection. Quite proud of myself. I haven't bought any since spring, so its time for some warm spiced fall teas, and eventually the winter teas! I will be getting a tea advent calendar again, it was just too much fun last year.

Potty training Lucas was a big fail, but we still had a good weekend together just him and us. Sadie was at Nana and Papa's house having a blast and being spoiled.

I've almost finished 2 baby girl quilt tops. One will be hand quilted, the other will be done when my walking foot arrives and when I pick up some batting.

It got cold enough to pull out the feather duvet last night. I missed that thing, cause its totally like sleeping in a cloud.

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Cherie said...

The first time I bought yeast was this year to make Paska... and still haven't pulled it out again... It may take me awhile:):)

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