Friday, October 18, 2013

5 things happening lately

Im terrible at keeping this stuff up, but I should. I've been tempted to start a new blog. Need a change and all that.

1. What have we been up to lately? Well, besides the pink quilt, I've been working on 2 other small baby quilts and my sisters quilt. Its too big for me to use my machine on, so I'm going to hand quilt it. Waiting on supplies so I can test it out on one of my small ones. The site I ordered from said it was shipped. Ya, I ordered my quilting thread and stuff online. It was a pain in the rear to try and colour match my fabric to the tiny swatch on my screen. Never do that. I'm hoping I got colours I can use.  Give me some credit though, I did try a quilt shop in Abbotsford, and they looked at me like I was nuts when I asked them about the size of quilting thread that I wanted. The sweet old lady told me to hit up the yarn store. I had no time, so that was out. Oh well.

2. Sadie had a speech therapy follow up appointment. It went really well. She's caught up now. Just needs to work on adding to her sentences, and saying "I" or "me" instead of third person.

3. We are going trick or treating again this year. Sadie will be an owl, and Lucas will be a teddy bear. Their costumes were really easy to make. Bought the teddy bear hood from superstore, added a bowtie to it and am going to paint his nose. Sadie has her owl wings and a toque from last winter that has an owl face on it. I'll give her rosy pink cheeks and or glitter too. Not doing extensive trick or treating though, just our street and a couple cul-de-sacs near us.

4. Got a bunch of fillings done. Ativan was really the best. I was so calm and relaxed. Tranquil even. I'm not as terrified anymore, and thats the best. I have a crown to do soon and a few more fillings. After the appointment, I walked like a astronaut on the moon, my knees felt really bendy. I took double the prescribed dosage though. Maybe that did the trick. I haven't been to the dentist in a few years, well, since I got married in 2007. Yeah..........I'm bad. I promise to go back now that we have decent dental coverage. Don't go and make your teeth so bad that you need a crown, just saying, they be expensive, even with coverage. It makes me sad.

5. We are trying to be better at using less heat this winter, so Tony found the window plastic kits at the place he volunteers at. They were really cheap. So after we did one together, I brought Beth up so she could help Tony with the rest. Why, because WWIII would have hit. We will never be a DIY couple, its not in the cards. The kits weren't the greatest (should have realized thats why they were so cheap). Ended up using extra packing tape to seal the deal yesterday after the kids rammed into the plastic and broke the tape seal. I hope this plastic crap helps.

So that's it for now. I'm gonna go make dinner. Good night :D

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