Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Spur of the moment Adventures

This morning we started out with only the library in mind. There were brand new books we had put on hold that were ready. We grabbed a couple more since we were there, while waiting for a bus home, I realized it was a perfect day to visit Tony in Vancouver and grab lunch.

We turned around and caught the skytrain downtown. Mr Sassypants decided to sit beside me on the not so crowded train and then turn around and shout SKYTRAIN at the people behind us. Letting them know what we were riding, check!

This one wanted to stand and hold the bar like big people. She was thrilled that I let her. Bus pass tucked in her pocket and everything.

We met up with Tony near his work and headed to a vietnamese place for lunch.

Noodles and tea for everyone! 

They both had to try eating with chopsticks. Might even get them some childrens ones to learn on.

This one was starving and ate Tonys bean sprouts.

Our trip meant that nap time was skipped. They were content to watch a new Max and Ruby DVD from the library and relax on the couch.

Its now 7:41 pm and they are exhausted and grumpy. I think Lucas might be asleep on the couch already.

Oh, and I have to show you all the pot holder I finished.


Since I'll be hand quilting Mikaela's chevron quilt, I need to practice. This batting was not easy, its not fluffy and thick, its weird and metallic and has fuzz on it. I hope it goes through the wash ok. I like these wonky stars. I foresee a quilt in them definitely.

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