Monday, January 29, 2007

aria bo baria!

Figured I would post this for you because you are leaving and I can embarass us both on the internets before you leave!

Tee hee!

I think this was her birthday where I gave her an onion with a happy face on it. I hope I gave her a real present too (pretty sure I did).

Those sunglasses, may they rest in peace at the bottom of cultus lake.

Man I cant wait until summer comes.

And while I was looking for more pictures, I found this one:

If looks could kill. CAT MAULING!!!!


running wildly said...

Good bye sunglasses. Sigh.

Aria said...

You really hate me don't you....


You know what? I think you did give me just an onion. But then again I think the next year definately made up for it... Yay for my mini!!

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