Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Corn potato chowder soup recipe

Now I kinda did this with vague instructions from my mother, but this how I made the soup and you shall also need to tweak this a bit:


3 carrots
3 celery stalks
2-3 potatoes
1 onion
1 can creamed corn (use frozen or whatever works for you) if you like corn, maybe 2 cans of corn or creamed corn
6 cups vegetable or chicken stock or water
2 cups milk
1tbsp olive oil (optional)
salt and pepper

So chop all your veggies. I had my pot on med heat and then added the olive oil and veggies to cook a bit.

Then I added the veggie stock and 1 package of chicken bullion, potatoes and corn. Thyme, Salt and pepper now!
Once the potatoes were all tender, I whisked the milk and flour and then strained it while it was going into the soup to avoid the icky lumps. Depending on if your mixture is thick or not, you may want to add more flour or less. I added 1/2 of flour to the milk.

Once things get thick, I tasted it I added more salt and pepper (I like soup peppery).


In other news, today was the first day the bird bathed in the sink. He was in the bathroom with me while I was doing my hair and I noticed that he kept peering into the sink, and flying from one side of it to the other. He was too afraid to go in by himself. I helped him get down in there and turned on the water to just a dribble. He really enjoyed drinking from the stream of water and then he got all excited about getting wet. He got right under the stream and fluffed his feathers up like a big fluffy ball and wiggled around. He likes to get his chest wet, that is why he looks like hes falling in one of the pictures.

This last one is where he was wiggling around on his chest with his wings all open. He really had a good time. When he came out he landed on my shoulder and did what all animals do after getting wet, he fluffed up and got my face and neck all wet with wet bird. He stayed fluffy and has been very happy listening to the postal service with me.

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