Monday, November 16, 2009

blustery day

Last night was bad. I woke up several times due to the crazy wind. Usually we keep our bedroom window open a crack cause its just too warm otherwise. Well, I woke up with a start cause the blinds and curtains were just blowing in our room and it turns out that the wind blew our window wide open.

Only a couple hours later I was awake again thinking it was just way too cold out. Window was fixed, but all the blankets were on Tony and hanging off his side of the bed. I woke him up a little by shaking all the blankets off him and straightened them out. He doesn't remember it, but he did look apologetic seeing me all angry. On the up side, I got to sleep in until he put the bird on my hand. Its pretty startling when you wake up to tiny claws holding on to you. I almost sent him flying.

So today was a day to clean up a bit, Aria and Mikaela are coming over this Saturday for a sleepover party thing :) Also today was a good day for soup. This weather always reminds me of having soup. When I lived at home and my momma would make soup I would eat it all day long, for snacks, for dinner, for breakfast. My favourite soup is potato corn chowder.

I have had 2 smallish cups of it so far. Hopefully it lasts the week (but I doubt it).


Uncle Jimbo said...

I miss that weather :(

heidi said...

okay, you have got to post the recipe for that potato corn chowder it looks SO yummy! i've been making soup a lot lately as well since its been cooler down here (well, temperatures in the teens is cool for us) and also because soup is super cheap to make and i like to make a double batch and freeze half.

Aria said...

my oh my good work on the soup! looks yummy.. nom nom nom. Good luck making it last a week haha

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