Friday, November 13, 2009

soomo (not sumo)

is driving me crazy! Its a fake name of a fake energy drink and we are supposed to do designs for it. Keep in mind that its not about sumo wrestlers. That took a while to get out of my head. Its apparently a natural energy drink with electrolytes in it.

I dont feel creative and yet I have to crank out more stuff for it. Le sigh. Maybe I need to get away from the disaster area that is my desk and go have a coffee (or tea), or peppermint mocha! :O I feel a field trip coming on!

Anyways, this is the stuff I am doing for school, I will have my other art stuff from my other class up next.

These kind of remind me of the I spy books only less clutter than that. Some days it feels like that much clutter. I wonder why I put the remote on my desk.

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