Sunday, April 25, 2010


The first time I try to make pancakes from scratch and this is what happens. The batter looks like paste. I used a recipe that got really good reviews and said they were fluffy and good. I am not so keen on fluffy, I like my pancakes to be a little flatter, but I was willing to try it out.

Tony laughed at the batter, he also said it looked like paste. There was a lot of baking powder in it and someone mentioned that they sifted their flour twice. I was not going for fluffy, so I figured wisking the flour would be better than sifting it. They were pretty puffy. I added a lot more water and milk till mine were flatter. Tony ate the puffy ones.

I am sure for all those who want extremely fluffy pancakes will like it. I will remember to add more water to it, and try it again maybe.

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Fiona said...

My aunt has a recipe that is a mystery that calls for yogurt, and hers have always been my favorite pancakes.
That being said, I use either the "5 roses guide to good cooking" or the "better homes & gardens" cookbook for my pancakes and they always turn out right. I dont particularly like my pancakes fluffy so I make the batter a little extra milky to thin it out and make nice big flat round cakes... but the secret to fluffy cakes is to only stir the batter until its moist and still lumpy, like muffins.

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