Tuesday, December 06, 2011

angry boy

Its been quite the challenge to find any time to myself lately. This week has been rough. It seems that Lucas only wants to sleep in half hour increments, and when hes awake, he wants all my attention. Heaven forbid anyone else hold him. Getting him to sleep is also hard. Very hard. I bounce, rock, walk, everything. We've been slow dancing with him lately to get him to calm down.

Yesterday evening we were dancing and Lucas was still screaming. He screamed himself tired and fell asleep. He started out being a good sleeper, and then things regressed so terribly. I know that you're not supposed to get them in the habbit of rocking or bouncing or whatever, but when all you want for them to do is sleep and not wake the other child in the room next door, you'll do anything. I'm frustrated, I'm so tired, and my house is looking pretty gross.

Yesterday I promised Beth I'd help her organize the garage, and I had to keep Lucas in the moby wrap the entire time. Some help I was! Couldn't lift any boxes, and couldnt bend over. Ever time he'd fall asleep, I'd take him out and tuck him in, and he'd wake up and cry. Eventually he did sleep on his own, but not for very long.

I hope he gets out of this funk soon. I'd like to clean this place and take a nap. Its particularily frustrating when Lucas will not have anyone else hold him.

I snuck out of the house last night while they were both sleeping so I could get a couple things from the store. I arrived home 10 minutes later to find a screaming Lucas gnawing on Tony's finger. He wont sit with anyone for longer than a few minutes before he freaks out. Hes doing the "You're not my mom!!!" thing already it seems.

Maybe hes teething, maybe hes just not getting enough to eat. I guess I'll be trying to feed him a bunch more and check his mouth when hes got it all wide open whilst yelling at me. In the meantime, any tips on fixing this as well as praying for my sanity are welcome :)

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Cherrypopz said...

I wish I could help. Antoine is almost 9 months and needs to be in my arms to fall asleep for the night and naps. At 9months he still doesn't sleep through the night :(

Miranda said...

Sadie still wont sleep through the night completely either, although she's had a couple good nights, most times she wakes up once. Lucas is up every 4 is hours, and I can deal with that, but the short naps during the day suck. :( I hope Antoine sleeps better for you too.

Cherrypopz said...

In the baby reference book that I have it says that at 9months 90% of babies will sleep through the night. Riiiiighht. Antoine needs a bottle at 2-3 am every night.

heidi said...

this is so like ava!! she screamed when i'd leave her with josh, and sometimes still does. now that she's just over 4 months old the 30 minute naps have occasionally increased to 1 hour 15 minute naps....so does that give you hope? when she was younger i'd just have her in the moby for her whole nap to make sure that she got a decent nap, but i no longer do that. i rock her to sleep and lay her down and look at my watch knowing that most likely 30 min. later i'll be hearing her. sometimes after 30 min of sleeping i'll rock her back to sleep for another 45 min or so, and that is so worth it. i feel for you!!

heidi said...

i should clarify that i don't rock her for 45 minutes, i just rock her back to sleep and lay her down and she'll sleep for 45 more minutes. who has time to rock for 45 minutes?!?!

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