Friday, December 02, 2011

Christmas DIY --- Advent Calendar

 Its a little late to start it, but its such a nice thing to have. I much prefer this to any cardboard calendar with cheapie chocolates. This year I used random scraps of stuff I had lying around to make this.
6 sheets of different coloured felt
Piece of material 20x30 inches
Sewing machine
Glue gun
3M removable hooks to hang it from
24 little things for the pockets

 So I found an old flannel christmas sheet that was too small for our bed. I hacked cut it up and hemmed around the edges. Then I grabbed my felt and I was bad and eyeballed how big I needed the squares. Personally, I like that they aren't perfectly all the same.The average square is 3.5 inches and I left about half an inch inbetween them.

I pinned them up and got to sewing. Nothing fancy, but they will hold nicely.

 I'm just learning to sew, so the numbers intimidated me. I was too afraid to sew them on. I'll just say that I tried it out, and it looked like I closed my eyes and went full speed. I opted for my trusty glue gun.
We started a day late, but this means that we got 2 treats this morning instead of one. Sadie likes it so far.

Its kind of a girly calendar,  but that just means that I could make Lucas his own next year. I got Sadie a little people race car for the 24th, but its just a little too big to fit, so I am gonna stuff it in there on the 23rd.

What kinds of things have you been making for Christmas?

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heidi said...

LOVE this!! my mom made a christmas tree shaped on when we were little and put chocolates in there. what did you put in the other squares?

Miranda said...

I put chocolates in all except the last one, it has little people race cars that will go in (they are too big and stick out).

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