Thursday, December 08, 2011

Keeping Warm {pocket warmers}

So its been getting colder out. Lots colder. Apparently its expected that this winter is going to be a bad one. Well, I've got a few tricks to combat that coldness. Right now as I type my hands are super cold. Once I'm finished this post, I'm going to nuke my pocket warmers and get my hands warm again.

These little babies are wonderful. They are like beanbags essentially (only I fill mine with rice), only you microwave them for 45 seconds or so and they warm you right up. I keep them in my jacket pockets or tuck them by my feet at night.

To make them you will need the following:

Sewing machine
Fleece or felt material

Cut out your shape from your material. I like the hearts, so I made a not so perfect heart and pinned it all together. 

Note: The pin that's circled is just a reminder pin for me not to sew the thing closed without putting the rice inside.

Sew almost all the way around the heart leaving a small opening for your rice. You can see I'm not perfect in turning corners yet, but I'm trying. 

Add your rice. Now dont fill it too full, you need to sew this bad boy closed yet.

What I did here was smush all the rice away from the opening and pin it away so it wouldn't get in the way of sewing it closed. You don't want to break a needle on a stray piece of rice. Sew up the hole carefully.

Now you're done! I hope this helps you keep warm this winter. Check back soon, I'll have a few other Keeping Warm posts to do.

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Very crafty idea!!!

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