Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cloth Diapering -- what I've learned

Its been 3.5 months now with cloth diapering my little guys. I've learned quite a lot. I've learned that poop is not as scary as some people think -- and I've gotta say, the only blow out I've ever dealt with was a disposable diaper, and it was a nasty experience. Poor Lucas.

Some people think its a lot of work to do this, a lot of extra hassle. My sister in law saw me sorting and stuffing diapers and she commented that it couldnt be worth it, but really, its just an extra load of laundry every couple days, and sorting and stuffing diapers doesnt take long, unless you have little helpers un sorting all your work (I like to stuff diapers during naptime while watching Frasier :) )

I've also learned that buying them second hand is awesome. They're half price or better usually, and aside from some light staining, they are as good as the new ones. I wash them really well, and then we're good to go. Its not something I get grossed out about, I mean, we're talking about diapers--all they do is catch the poop.

*Another bonus is that Sadie's pants fit her when she wears cloth diapers. They add a little extra fluff to her petite frame so that her pants stay up. Otherwise, she looks like one of those horrible rapper guys with pants down past their butts.

Ohh and check this out:
This handy link compares the prices of disposables vs cloth diapers. Roughly the cost for cloth diapers is about 200-300 bucks (can be cheaper if you buy used). This calculator showed me that I'd break even after 4 months. Yay! After using them for a year, I'll be saving $657.00. I've got at least 1.5-2 years to go. This was the selling point for Tony.

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Fiona said...

A you using any particular brand of cloth diapers? I am hoping to have Liam done diapers very soon, but I have always been sort of wanting to change to cloth so I like to know what people are using. Most people I know use gDiapers.

Miranda said...

I use a bunch of brands. The cheapest ones that work well are kawaii ones- they come from Richmond and are $7 each I think. Fuzzibunz are good but expensive. Bum genius are nice, as well. I love one size fits all pocket diapers. Don't have to buy all different sizes and they dry faster than all in ones.

Anonymous said...

oh so pretty! ~S

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