Friday, April 27, 2012

Birthday Present for Sadie

I did this little guy up last night and I'm pleased with the results. As I start making more little creatures, I'll be changing things up, but I used what I had and I love him.

Sadie is a girl after my own heart. I used to love playing with stuffed animals and things and she loves it too. Her bed has no fewer than 10 stuffies and dollies in it, some absolutely have to be in there with her at bedtime. She always changes favorites but she loves them all.

There are things I'm going to try and figure out, but if all goes well, I'd like to start selling again on etsy. Would you be interested in buying my creations?

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Cin said...

I think everything you do is so awesometastic so yea if I had money, I'd buy a miranda monster/animal/thing stuffie stuff.

heidi said...

before i read your last paragraph, i was totally going to comment that you MUSt start posting those on etsy!! that little fox is so adorable!

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