Tuesday, May 01, 2012


Reading: Mocking Jay by Suzanne Collins. The last in the Hunger Games series. I've read it before but only once, and normally I read all my books a few times at least. Its making me very impatient for the other movies to come out. 

Watching: Game of Thrones. I should probably be reading this series instead of watching the show, but its so good. A little gory but its got such a good story. My favorite characters are Tyrion and Arya.

Working on: pumping out sketches in my notebook. I have been feeling very drawn to the idea of selling on etsy again. I love to sew right now and I'd love to contribute a little to our income. I've always loved the idea of selling online.

Thinking about: pricing out things to sell online, what to sell, branding, all that jazz that goes with selling on etsy. I want to do it right, not rush it, but still have fun.

Anticipating: Sadie's 2nd birthday party! She's 2 in a few weeks, so I'm trying to get invites done and sent out asap.

Listening to: Metric. Its one of Tony's favorite bands right now so I listen to it a lot, especially in the car. Getting a little sick of her, but maybe if I throw some Dragonette in there I'll be happy.

Eating: Chicken veggie soup. I put a bunch of leftover veggies in chicken stock along with a half eaten can of chick peas and star noodles. Its not bad, especially when I put in my rosemary and lemon thyme from the garden.

Wishing: It would get sunny this week so I can plant my beets and lettuce. I can't wait to harvest my own beets this year.

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James Abrahams said...

I know right, Tyrion the little Imp, and Arya the tomboy are my favorite characters too. I just finished reading Clash of Kings. The show was good(what I saw of it), but the books are better, and a little less visually ..err ..mature.

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