Wednesday, May 02, 2012

How does your garden grow?

Its been a while, and its hard for me to be patient, but our garden is slowly growing! I have to remind myself that these things take time. The lettuce above has been really happy since it killed its brother. Yep, plant murder right there in my garden. This big guy has been getting huge and then we noticed his brother in the same planter has been getting puny. Beth went to touch it and the little guy kinda popped off out of the dirt. Dead. These guys needed more space. Lesson learned. We're hoping to get the other garden bed dug up to plant these guys in it and give them more space instead of in planters.
 Oh look! My basil seedlings are finally sprouting! They seem to take a longer time than normal, but they are growing and are happy. I'm happy cause I'm so looking forward to fresh basil.
Onions are sprouting now too! There was an incident with a crow who was looking for a meal and found our onions, but I caught him in the act and since scaring him off, I haven't seen anything digging in our garden other than a naughty Sadie.
 Beth's basil sprouted along with another plant - which due to not labeling - we don't know what it is. Oh well, guess we'll have to wait and see.
The last thing we did is start a compost. Its gonna help the garden and our very clay like soil. I usually dump a couple of these containers in our compost a day. Its getting a little too filled with fruit and veggie scraps and now we've gotta try and balance it out with grass clippings or something. I've heard shredded newspaper works to help dry things out, do any of you know anything about that?

I'll also link you all to the other garden posts so you and I can track the progress in the garden this year:
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Skibbe said...

Shredded newspapaer is awesome in the compost! Just enough to make a layer over the veggies, then add more veggies! I always add paper bags and newspaper to mine, but I never turn it, so its slow at composting...

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